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  • This course covers basic concepts of Oracle SOA Suite (ESB, BPEL, OWSM). Participants will learn architecture, Installation of SOA components and how to translate and transform data by using the Oracle BPEL Process Manager adapters, transfer data using the Oracle ESB services, and enable secure interactions by using Oracle Web Services Manager (OWSM).

      This course will help administrators to quickly learn, implement and monitor SOA Suite.


    Overview & Architecture
    - Describing overview of SOA Suite
    – Describing BPEL Process Manager Architecture
    – Describing ESB Components & Architecture
    – Describing Oracle Web Service Manager (OWSM) Components and Architecture

    Installing Oracle SOA Suite
    - SOA Suite Installation Overview
    – Selecting an Oracle Application Server 10g ( SOA Edition Installation Type
    – Describing Standalone Installation Options
    – Installing and Administering Oracle Application Server 10g ( SOA Edition
    – Basic & Advanced Type Installation

    Integrating BPEL with Services Through Adapters
    - Defining Adapter Services and Describing the Adapter Framework
    – Defining an Out-Bound Adapter Architecture and Listing Types of Out-Bound Adapter Services
    – Defining an In-Bound One-Way Asynchronous Adapter Architecture
    – Listing Types of In-Bound Adapter Services
    – Integrating Adapter Services with Oracle BPEL Process Manager
    – Types of Adapters and Choosing a Built-in Technology Adapter
    – Selecting an OEM Adapter – A Glue Layer
    – Selecting the File Adapter Service and Configuring the Adapter to Read a File and Write to a File 

    Administering and Monitoring BPEL Processes
    – What is the BPEL Console?
    – Administering and Monitoring with the BPEL Console
    – Exploring the BPEL Console User Interface
    – What is a BPEL Domain and How to manage the Domains?
    – Managing the Life Cycle of a BPEL Process
    – Administering the BPEL Process Manager
    – Sensors Overview

    Configuring Oracle Enterprise Service Bus
    - Introducing ESB Architecture and Components
    – Exploring Oracle ESB topology options
    – Enabling SOA and EDA with ESB
    – Configuring ESB Connectivity Patterns
    – Benefits of ESB?
    – Integrating ESB with SOA components

    Managing ESB Components by Using ESB Control
    - Accessing the ESB Control
    – Managing an ESB Application
    – Testing ESB Services
    – Logging ESB Services

    Configuring the OWSM Component Architecture
    - Identifying OWSM Components and Architecture (Policy Manager,Monitor and Console)
    – Describing Policy Enforcement Points (PEP)
    – Implementing PEP by using Gateways and Agents
    – Common Use Case: Combining the use of a Gateway in DMZ and a Server-side Agent
    – Managers Roles
    – Managing OWSM Access and Permissions
    – Assigning OWSM Roles
    – Configuring OWSM Users and Groups

    Securing BPEL and ESB Services with OWSM
    - Describing the Oracle Application Service Security Architecture
    – Working with Secure BPEL Processes and Services
    – Managing Outbound Security
    – Managing Inbound Security
    – Implementing WS-Security with Oracle Web Security Manager (OWSM)
    – Secure SOAP-based ESB services using the OC4J interceptor

    Monitoring and Reporting Web Services by Using OWSM
    - Monitoring Web Services
    – Describing the OWSM Monitor
    – Managing the Operational Environment(SLA,QoS)
    – Setting up Alarm Rules for a Web Service (email)
    – Viewing Alarms by using the OWSM Control
    – Monitoring Message Flows
    – Managing and Viewing Logging Information for Policies

    For more details contact   atul @ onlineappsdba.com  (+91-9999 176 111)

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