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  • Oracle Identity Management 11g R2 documentation now available

    Posted by "" in "identity_manager, idm, oaam, oam, oes, oif, OIM, oud" on 2012-08-04

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    Oracle Identity Management 11g R2 (11.1.2) is now available on OTN here

    Documentation for Oracle Unified Directory (OUD) 11gR2 (11.1.2) is available here

    • Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 is currently (Aug 2012) available for Identity & Access Management Products (OIM, OAM, OIN, OAAM, OES, OPAM, OAMMS) and  Oracle Unified Directory (OUD)
    • Other Identity Management products like Oracle Internet Directory (OID) and Oracle Virtual Directory (OVD) are not yet available in IdM 11gR2 (as of Aug 2012)
    • Oracle Privileged Account Manager (OAPM) and Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social (aka Oracle Identity Connect – OIC) are new products introduced as part of IdM 11gR2
    • Oracle Access Management (OAM) includes Oracle Access Manager, Security Token Service (STS), Identity Federation, Mobile & Social

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    14 Responses to “Oracle Identity Management 11g R2 documentation now available”

    1. Andre says:

      Is 11.1.2 the same as 11gR2? That is quite confusing

    2. Susmit says:

      Hi Atul,

      I am trying to setup a SSO Solution with Ebiz R12.1.3 (DB with Oracle Identity management 11g Solutions.
      I checked and got:-Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 with Oracle Access Manager 11gR1 ( using Oracle E-Business Suite AccessGate [ID 1309013.1]

      Until now i have completed the below steps:-

      1. Installed WLS 10.3.5
      2. Installed Oracel DB
      3. Using RCU created OID Schema
      4. Installed Oracle Identiity management
      5. Patched it to
      6. Configured OID with WLS Admin,ODSM,DIP.

      Now start my confusions. Can anybody clarify me the below ponits:-

      I assume now i need to follow the same steps until 1-4 For Oracle Identity and Access Management But:-

      * Do i need to install Oracle Identity and Access Management on the same host where Oracle Identity Management has been installed and configured?? Or i can use different host and separate WLS Insatnce?? (DB will be same for schemas).

      * What componants i need to configure on Oracle Identity and Access Management side ?? (OAM i understand,what else)??

      * Do i need OVD anywhere in this setup??

    3. ahmedalam says:

      I have purchased your EBS Integration book and have the newer version, I have following the installi instruction but durung step
      7.2 Configure OID as identity Store in OAM
      I get a different screen, when I go to http://server:7001/oamconsole (login:weblogic/pw)
      I am also using the same version for OAM ( can you please advice

    4. […] Oracle Identity & Access Management 11gR2 : Installation & Configuration in 12 Steps Posted in August 11th, 2012 byAtul Kumar in identity_manager, idm, im, installation, oaam, oam, oes, oif, OIM, owsm This post covers steps to install and configure Oracle Identity & Access Management (IDAM) 11gR2 (11.1.2). To download IDAM 11gR2 (11.1.2) software click here and for documentation click here […]

    5. akash says:

      HI Atul,
      please tell me difference between [OIM R2(11.1.2) OIM] and [OAM 11.1.2 OAM]

      thanks in advance

    6. […] For Oracle IDM 11gR2 high level installation steps click here, for IDM 11gR2 documentation click here and to download IDM 11gR2 software click […]

    7. […] Latest version of OIA is 11gR1 PS1 ( BP03 ( as of Sep 2012. There is no OIA 11gR2 (11.1.2) version available yet (Sep 2012). (More on IDM 11gR2 […]

    8. hari says:

      Hi Athul,

      Can we integrate OAM 11g R2 with OIM 11 G R1?
      b/c ./idmConfigTool.sh has diffrent input parameters for R1 and R2

    9. mkidambi says:

      Hi Atul,

      We are facing an Provisioning issue in OIM 11g (

      We need to provision a user to an application xyz based on the role. The user comes to OIM through HR Recon.

      The provisioning process is expected to create both System Validation and Create User tasks.

      But only SystemValidation task is getting created and also assigned to the System Administrators instead of DefaultProvisioner despite having xyzprovisioner Role for DefaultProvisioner.

      Don’t have a clue of what’s happening.

      Pls provide your inputs.

      Madhu K

    10. […] Identity Management 11gR2 click here  For Oracle Identity Management 11gR2 documentation click here and for software […]

    11. Shirish Kanekar says:

      hyee Atul:

      Can you provide migration steps of OSSO to OAM


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