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  • OIM BP02 (13399365) and OAM BP02 (13115859)

    Posted by "" in "oam, OIM, patching" on 2012-04-08

    Patches for Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) or Oracle Access Manager (OAM) and bundled together and released as Bundle Patch (BP).

    • From OIM/OAM 11g, bundle patch is applied using opatch (from OIM/OAM ORACLE_HOME/OPatch directory).
    • For list of all patches in OIM follow Metalink Note # 1247564.1 and for OIM follow note # 1360009.1
    • For list of all patches in OAM follow Metalink Note # 736372.1

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    5 Responses to “OIM BP02 (13399365) and OAM BP02 (13115859)”

    1. vishuenc says:

      We are applying patch p6913305_101430_WINNT to our present OVD version.

      We have gone through the READ ME file which comes along with setup, but not clear to that.

      Do you have any idea OR any links OR docs which are related to step by step applying patch to OVD.


    2. Atul Kumar says:

      @ vishuenc,
      I am assuming that you are applying OVD patch on existing OVD 10.1.4.X.X .

      If that is true then run patch as

      1. Upgrade OVD Server as

      OVD_10143_patch/OVD10143_Server.exe OVD10143

      2. Upgrade OVD Manager

      OVD_10143_patch/OVD10143_Manager.exe OVD10143

      Follow installer screens

    3. vishuenc says:

      I dont see the screen shots.

      Thanks you so much.

    4. vishuenc says:

      can you provide me the mentioned installer screen links/pdfs


    5. Atul Kumar says:

      @ vishuenc,
      I don’t have link to installer screen, please run this on your environment and revert back if you hit any issue.

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