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  • Oracle Forms & Reports 11g R2 : Installation Overview and Key Points

    Posted by "" in "forms" on 2012-04-02

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    This post covers high level overview of Forms & Reports 11g R2 installation

    • Installation Document of 11g R2 ( Forms & Reports is available here

    1. Oracle Forms & Reports consists of
    1.1 Oracle Forms
    a) Forms Builder – required for development and compilation of forms
    b) Forms Server – run-time server used to deploy forms application and execution of forms
    1.2 Oracle Reports
    a) Reports Builder – required for development and compilation of reports
    b) Reports Server – run-time server used to deploy reports application and execution of reports

    2. Latest release (as of April 2012) of Oracle Forms & Reports is 11g R2 (11.1.2)

    3. Installation Type – You can install Forms & Reports in two type
    3.1 Install & Configure – You can install and configure forms & reports at same time using installer
    3.2 Install Software – Do Not Configure – You can install just forms & reports software and do not configure them via installer. You later configure forms & reports by running $ORACLE_HOME/bin/config.sh (bat)

    4. Configuration Type – You can configure forms & reports in two ways
    4.1 Configure for Deployment – In this option you configure Forms & Reports and also configure Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) including Enterprise Manager. In this configuration you also get option to integrate Forms & Reports with Identity Management Components (OID, OAM 10g or 11g). Use this option for Production Type installation.

    4.2 Configure for Development – In this option you configure Forms & Reports but without OHS and Enterprise Manager . You also don’t get an option to integrate Forms & Reports with Identity Management Components (OID, OAM 10g or 11g). Use this option for Development Type installation.

    5. Integrating Forms & Reports with IDM – You can integrate Forms & Reports with OID 11g (for other LDAP types and version check Certification Matrix ). OAM or OSSO can be used to integrate Forms & Reports for Single Sign-On. More on OAM 11g in my book at Amazon

    6. Forms & Reports in deployment mode will create
    a) WebLogic Domain with Admin Sever and two managed servers (WLS_FORMS & WLS_REPORTS) more on WebLogic domain here

    b) Oracle Instance managed by OPMN with Forms, Reports, EM, and OHS

    7. You will need to install WebLogic Software (10.3.5), this will create Middleware Home (More on MW_HOME, ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_INSTANCE or DOMAIN_HOME here )

    8. You must install Forms & Reports Software under Middleware Home (MW_HOME) created during WebLogic Installation. This step will create ORACLE_HOME for forms & reports. Use runInstaller (for Unix) and setup.exe (for windows) to install forms & report from Disk1 of software.

    9. You can integrate Oracle Identity Management components (OID & OAM) at configuration stage (select configuration type Deployment, select OHS and select Application Identity Store & Access Control)

    Note: You can integrate Forms & Reports with Oracle IDM (OID & OAM) later as well using steps mentioned here

    10. OAM can be configured in OPEN, SIMPLE or CERT mode (more in my book here ) then you must register OAM Agents manually from Forms & Reports node

    11. To check Forms use http://host:port/forms/frmservlet and for Report http://host:port/reports/rwservlet

    where port is
    a) For deployment mode port os OHS listen port or WebLogic Managed server listen port of respective servers
    b) For development mode port is WebLogic Admin Server port


    Here is little quiz for readers – Is it possible to install Forms on one server and reports on different server. If yes what additional configuration is required and if not why not ?

    Leave your answer under comments !

    28 Responses to “Oracle Forms & Reports 11g R2 : Installation Overview and Key Points”

    1. kurt K says:

      Is there a standalone version of Oracle Forms & Reports Services 11g? I have 10g and need to know if there a newer version?


    2. Giancarlo says:

      Is it possible to install Forms on one server and reports on different server.

      If yes what additional configuration is required and if not why not ?

      Is it possible or not ?

    3. Vasu says:

      Hi Atul,

      I have read forms service sso documentation, which states forms can be connected through proxy user.
      It is my assumption, formsweb.cfg will have proxy user credentials, and forms connectes and gets database
      password of actual user (from OID) and reconnects with actual user .
      am I correct?
      if so , do we have to maintain for each user ldap login password and database password. I am not clear about this can any one
      explain me this process?

      How do we run schduled reports
      (nightly jobs)

      Thank you

    4. Badru says:


      If you have Oracle Forms & Reports Services 10g (Windows) version, can you share with me (Mail id is mdbadru@yahoo.com)

    5. Bindu Isaac says:

      Hi Atul,

      I installed Oracle 11g forms and reports. Not able to run the form , getting the error HTTP listener is not running 44

    6. ameirshubber@yahoo.com says:

      I’m trying to install Oracle Forms & Reports Developer 11g , but I got stuck in the installation progress on stage 15 of 16 (Application configuration – Creating Domain) I tried to re install twice but it stuck at the same stage, any advice on what to do in this case??

    7. Ameirshubber@yahoo.com says:

      Hi, there is no any error messages, it is just stuck at the same position. I have a snap shot of the case, if you can give me your email ID I will send it to you.

    8. ameirshubber@yahoo.com says:

      Version is : Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R2 Forms and Reports

    9. shahid says:

      if you are stuck during installation at creating domain, its mean java is not compitable with forms /reports and fussion

    10. damb79 says:

      hello,there pls help urgent!!
      We can run forms and reports developed or compiled in Oracle 11gR2 directly in the Oracle Application Server 10gR2?

    11. tea says:


      would like to ask, whether is it possible to only install Oracle Forms & Reports 11g R2 (11.1.2)

      1.1 Oracle Forms
      a) Forms Builder (do not want to install)
      b) Forms Server (want to install)

      1.2 Oracle Reports
      a) Reports Builder (do not want to install)
      b) Reports Server – (want to install)

      Please advise.



    12. Tea says:

      Hi Atul Kumar,

      thanks for the reply.

      However, I did not see any option to choose for “configure for deployment”.

      Btw, my version of oracle forms and reports is oracle fusion middleware 11g



    13. Atul Kumar says:

      @ Tea,
      Share the location you are using to download software

    14. Tea says:

      Hi Atul Kumar,

      I downloaded from oracle website as below :




    15. Atul Kumar says:

      @ Tea,
      This to me seems developer tools which includes forms & reports builder.

      What options do you get ?

      Did you check with Oracle Support ?

    16. Eric Nguyen says:

      Hi Atul Kumar,

      With Oracle E-Business Suite R12.1.3, whether Forms/Reports 11gR2 can be used as development tools for some extension and customization ?
      If not, which tool can be used while Oracle no longer provides Developer Suite

    17. Enrique says:

      Hi Atul Kumar



    18. rakesh says:

      Hi Atul,

      Currently, our company has 20-30 oracle 10g standalone forms. We are trying to migrate all those forms to Oracle 11g(installing oracle database 11g and forms 11g in a new server).

      I am installing Oracle 11g Forms in the new server.
      Installation type – Development

      Everything was installed successfully. (Weblogic server 10.3.5 and Forms 11g)

      When I ran weblogic admin server, it was in RUNNING state with some warnings saying Metric table has no key column. It will not be collected.> Can I ignore these warnings???

      And,when I tried to test the installation using test form. I am getting ‘Add-on for this website failed to run. Check security settings’.

      Browser- IE 8

      Please advice.


    19. rakesh says:

      Thanks Atul.

      Forms server is rendered using servlet.

      I selected ‘Install and configure’ option while installing. Even then, do I need to look into the config files?

      Also, once the test form runs successfully, to get the database connectivity, I need to config tnsnames.ora file under config folder in forms home, right? Or is there anything else to do?


    20. rakesh says:

      Oracle client 11g and Forms 11g are installed on the new server

    21. Milind says:

      I want to migrate my existing application developed in Oracle Developer 6i to Oracle Developer 11g. I have installed WebLogic server 10.3.6, forms and reports services in developement mode on Windows Server 2008 SP1, Oracle Database The installation was successful. WebLogic Admin Server, WLS_FORMS & WLS_REPORTS are running. I have migrated the forms FMBs to forms 11g. Please guide me to configure necessary files and run my application on web.

    22. rakesh says:

      Hi Atul,

      I can able to run the test form successfully now. I have just made the URL as the trusted site.

      Hope, this might be helpful for others.


    23. utsav says:

      Hi guys!!

      I am trying to ru my oracle forms 10gR2 locally on my laptop having windows8 64 bit.however I am getting frm-92101 error.Can anyone help me to get over this.

      I am not using any webserver logic.I am simply starting the oc4j instance and then running the form after compiling it.

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