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  • Fusion Applications Part I – Install Identity and Access Management (OID/OAM/OIM) 11g

    Posted by "" in "fusion, idm, im, installation, oam, oid, OIM" on 2011-11-14

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    This post covers installation of Oracle Identity & Access Management software (OID/OAM/OIM) required for Fusion Application. If you are new to Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g or Oracle Access Manager (OAM) 11g, then check my Book on Amazon  or Packt  (This book is available in Hard Copy, PDF or Kindle version)

    Oracle Identity Management 11g (OIM/OAM/OID) is mandatory for Fusion Applications and must be installed and configured before or after provisioning fusion transactional database but before provisioning Fusion Applications. For high level steps to install Fusion Applications click here .

    Download Fusion software as explained here and unzip all files which will create directory installers (FA uses OAM 11g where as in FA, OAM version is 10g)


    Oracle IDAM for Fusion Apps Key Points

    1. JDK, WebLogic, IDM (OID), IAM (OIM/OAM), SOA, OHS, and RCU software is available under $Fusion_Software/installers - jdk/jdk6.zip, weblogic/wls_generic.jar,  idm/(idm.zip, idm_patchset.zip), oam/iamsuite[N].zip, soa/*, webtier (webtier_patchset), and installers/fmw_rcu/linux resp.

    2. OID/OIM/OAM/OHS are all and can all be installed under same MW_HOME (Middleware Home). More information on MW_HOME, WL_HOME, and ORACLE_HOME here

    3. OID, OIM/OAM, SOA and OHS must all be installed under different Oracle Homes (can be under same MW_HOME)

    4. OID 11.1..1.5 & OHS are both patchsets and must be installed on top of base software

    5. OIM/OAM & SOA are both complete software and can be installed directly.


    IDAM Installation high level steps for Fusion Apps

    1. Install JDK 1.6 from $Fusion_Software/installers/jdk/jdk6.zip

    2. Install 64 bit WebLogic from $JAVA_HOME(created in step 1)/java -jar $Fusion_Software/ installers/ weblogic/ wls_generic.jar (This step will create MW_HOME)

    3. Install OID (install software – do not configure) from $Fusion_Software/ installers/ idm/ idm.zip (Install it under Middleware Home – MW_HOME created in step 2. This step will create IDM ORACLE_HOME)

    4. Install OID/OVD patch from $Fusion_Software/ installers/ idm/ idm_patchset.zip (Install it under Oracle Home – IDM ORACLE_HOME created in step 2)

    5. Install OAM/OIM from $Fusion_Software/ installers/oam/ iamsuite*.zip (Install it under Middleware Home – MW_HOME created in step 2. This step will create IAM ORACLE_HOME)

    6. Install SOA from $Fusion_Software/ installers/ soa (Install it under Middleware Home – MW_HOME created in step 2. This step will create SOA ORACLE_HOME)

    7. Install OHS (install software – do not configure) from $Fusion_Software/installers/webtier (Install it under Middleware Home – MW_HOME created in step 2. This step will create OHS ORACLE_HOME)

    8. Install OHS patch from $Fusion_Software/installers/webtier_patchset (Install it under Oracle Home – OHS ORACLE_HOME created in step 7)

    9. Load repository for identity management components in IDM database using RCU from $Fusion_Software/ installers/ fmw_rcu/ linux/ bin/ rcu (select schema ODS, ODSSM, OIM, OAM, and SOA). More on RCU here

    This completes Oracle Identity Management software installation for Fusion Application.

    Configuration of OID/OIM/OAM/Policy-Identity Store for Fusion Application coming soon… 

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    18 Responses to “Fusion Applications Part I – Install Identity and Access Management (OID/OAM/OIM) 11g”

    1. khalid abbas ganai says:

      Hi Atul.
      I find the information which you put very useful. but you have not put much information about how to implement SSO. I am using weblogic 10.3.3 with UCM 11g in my project. And i want to use SAML to achive this goal. Kindly let me know if it is feasible enough to use SAML. and what are the additional softwares required to implement this.. ex LDAP .

    2. […] in November 19th, 2011 byAtul Kumar in fusion, idm, oid  Print This Post In previous post here I discussed installing Identity and Access Management for Fusion Applications and covered following […]

    3. Rana says:

      Hi Atul,
      I follow the EBIS R12 OID integration document, after creating OID Group OAMAdministrators group and adding oamadmin user to OAMAdministors group and and set the FMWOID (Identity Store) as primary in Access Manager. User oamadmin is not able to login to Access Manager (web logic user cannot login as well since i change the primary identity store). When i created the identity store Test Connection was successful.

      Any advice to resolve this issue.


    4. Atul Kumar says:

      @ Rana,
      Is uid and password attribute set for user in OID for user oamadmin ?

      These steps are covered in our book at

    5. Viraj says:

      Hi Atul,

      As per the step 9) of IDAM Installation high level steps for Fusion Apps
      I did not find schema called ODSSM or ODSM during RCU run. Is there any another naming convention? I’m installing Fusion Application


    6. Viraj says:

      Thanks Atul…

      U made my work easy.


    7. Viraj says:

      Hi Atul,

      I have gone through all your Fusion Applications Installation Parts ( I, II,III, IV, V ), But you have no where mentioned about OBIEE installation ( as a part of Fusion Application Installation ).

      Please let me know when/how can i install OBIEE, please provide me any link (of you blog )installing OBIEE for Fusion Applications.


    8. samer sweiss says:


      do u have a post about how to check OID and OAM ,OAM and verify whether it is working or not ? something about log files ? i need this to help me in a handover for me from another person .


    9. samer sweiss says:

      Thanks for your fast reply .

    10. Mazhar says:

      I am doing Oracle Fusion Applications 11g Installation while Running Fusion Applications Repository Creation Utility (Apps RCU) after the Tablespaces creation phase
      I am getting the following error while creating the required Schemas which is the last steps of rcu.
      ora-24010: Queue fusion.acr_ads_ims_queue does not exist
      ora-06512 at SYS.DBMS_AQADM LINE 270
      ORA-6512 AT LINE 98

      Can we Ignore the Error? Appreciate if u could suggest

      Here is the content of fusionapps_postimport_latest.sql which is the Error file under/oracle/fusionapps/installers/apps_rcu/lrcu/integration/fusionapps/sql Direct.
      132 FA_DBINSTALL_CREATE_TRIG(‘logon_trigger_for_fusion after logon on
      133 fusion_runtime.schema
      134 ‘,’begin
      135 execute immediate ”ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA = FUSION”;
      136 end;
      137 ‘);
      138 FA_DBINSTALL_CREATE_TRIG(‘logon_trigger_for_fusion_bi after logon on fus ion_bi.schema
      139 ‘,’begin
      140 execute immediate ”ALTER SESSION SET CURRENT_SCHEMA = FUSION”;
      141 end;
      142 ‘);
      143 END;
      144 DECLARE
      145 num_cpus NUMBER;
      146 BEGIN
      147 –################################# RECOMPILE SCHEMAS ################## ###############
      148 SELECT value INTO num_cpus FROM v$osstat WHERE stat_name = ‘NUM_CPUS’;
      149 SYS.UTL_RECOMP.RECOMP_PARALLEL(threads => num_cpus, schema => NULL);
      150 END;
      151 END;
      152 /

      Appreciate if you could suggest … Can we Ignore the Error ?

      Thanks & regards

    11. ashok says:


      I have a question.

      Can we implement OIM/OID on a single database server or do they need to have their own database instances?

      Thanks & Regards

    12. […] & configure Identity & Access Management for Fusion Application 11.1.7 is different from FA version that I installed earlier hence I’ll cover new steps on this blog […]

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