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  • Fusion Application is now available

    Posted by "" in "fusion, installation" on 2011-10-22

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    Oracle Fusion Application is now available to download from edelivery

    • Fusion Applications Documentation is available here

    Only difference (for Apps DBA’s) I could see between FA (beta) and FA is that OAM required in latest release is 11gR1 ( where as in previous beta release OAM required was 10g (

    Oracle Identity and Access Management (OIM & OAM) is mandatory in Fusion Applications. If you are new to Identity & Access Management (OIM & OAM) then look at my book “Oracle Identity and Access Manager 11g for Administrators”

    Check series step-by-step Fusion Application Installation here

    If you have not yet downloaded latest Fusion Apps then for Linux x86-64 download following files and unzip all 13 zip files.

    Installation of Identity and Access Management (OID, OVD, OIM, and OAM) for Fusion Application, coming next…

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    6 Responses to “Fusion Application is now available”

    1. LosPejos says:

      Cannot find Fusion Applications, see only What is the exact URL to get it? Are there some restrictions applies for getting it?

    2. LosPejos says:

      Thank you very much. BTW, 11.1.4 is available on Oracle support.

    3. Atul Kumar says:

      @ LosPejos ,
      Thanks for reminding , Yes 11.1.4 is latest available (as of Oct 2012) [Thanks LosPejos for pointing it out]

    4. LosPejos says:

      Please, pay attention: not, but 11.1.4 (note extra dot-one you added to a version number). Seems they moved from 11.1.1.x to 11.1.4.x version.

    5. Atul Kumar says:

      @ LosPejos, Thanks, I agree with your last comment. I think I need a break , off to holidays :-)


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