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  • Oracle WebCenter Interaction / BEA AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI)

    Posted by "" in "fusion, webcenter" on 2008-11-17

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    Oracle WebCenter Interaction earlier known as BEA Aqualogic User Interaction (ALUI) is now part of Oracle WebCenter Suite.

    1) On 14th Nov 2008, Oracle released WebCenter Interaction 10gR3/10.3.0 (First Oracle branded AquaLogic Interaction product) .

    2) Release prior to WebCenter Interaction 10gR3 is AquaLogic Interaction 6.5 MP1 (Maintenance Pack 1)

    3) Oracle WebCenter 10g R3 (10.3.0) is available to download from edelivery
    Select a Product Pack: Oracle Fusion Middleware
    Platform : Select your operating system and click Go

    Select Oracle® Application Server 10g Release 3 (10.1.3) Media Pack for XXXXXXX

    In next screen search for Interaction,
    Here is list for Linux

    Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10.3.0 for Linux (x86 and x86-64)
    Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10.3.0 Java and .NET UI Source Code
    Oracle WebCenter Collaboration 10.3.0 for Linux (x86 and x86-64)
    Oracle WebCenter Analytics 10.3.0 for Linux (x86 and x86-64)
    Oracle WebCenter Ensemble 10.3.0 for Linux (x86 and x86-64)
    Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit 10.3.0 Java
    Oracle WebCenter WSRP Consumer 10.3.0 for Linux( x86 and x86-64)
    Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container 10.3.0
    Oracle WebCenter Interaction Identity Service for LDAP 10.3.0 for Linux

    4) For documentation of Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10g R3 click here

    Features in Oracle WebCenter Interaction (WCI)

    - Social Interaction Framework (Wiki, blog, mashups, personal tags, status updates, Activity Stream)
    - Adaptive Layouts
    - One click Page creation
    - Drag & Drop editing
    - RSS (Really Simple Syndication)
    - Search Facility
    - REST API

    More on installation of Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10g R3 (10.3.0) and upgrade from AquaLogic Interaction 6.5 MP1 coming soon… 

    15 Responses to “Oracle WebCenter Interaction / BEA AquaLogic User Interaction (ALUI)”

    1. ssurapan says:

      Is Aqualogic publisher also rebranded as Webcenter interaction publisher?

      I did not see the publisher on the download page?


    2. jonreid says:


      Publisher wion’t be in the new suite. Oracle UCM (Stellent) is the replacement.

    3. mannamrbabu says:

      How to integrate WCI with oracle access manager to implement the SSO on WCI.

    4. Atul Kumar says:

      Check this and let me know if this is enough


    5. mannamrbabu says:

      This document describes about the WCI LDAP services, but I am looking for the SSO configurations with Oracle access manager

    6. Atul Kumar says:

      One solution is to use Oracle WebCenter Ensemble

      Oracle WebCenter Ensemble is a proxy and security management system. With Oracle WebCenter Ensemble, you can expose internal applications to external users. You can secure each application independently and use multiple authentication methods to provide a tier of access levels.


      For SSO Integration use


      (Add these lines to create documentation link)

      Note Oracle COREid (earlier Netpoint or Oblix) is now rebranded as Oracle Access Manager ( http://onlineappsdba.com/index.php/2007/03/22/installing-oracle-access-manager-oblix-coreid-netpoint/ )

    7. prashanthi says:

      Hi Atul,

      I have to integrate Oracle Webcenter Interaction 6.5 with Oracle Access Manager for SSO Implementation. Can you please provide me the exact steps

    8. Atul Kumar says:

      @ Prashanthi/Mannamrbabu

      Check this

    9. linda says:

      I’ve downloaded oracle webcenter interaction,collaboration n analytics but when I open the portal and add a portlet for analytics i get the error: “The Analytics Context could not be created. This is typically due to a configuration problem. Review the Analytics UI log for more information.”

      I then realized i didn’t install publisher/UCM.Where can i find it?i cant find a proper .exe file.

    10. sri says:

      Hi can any one please give me the alui exe location ,i would like to do some sample demos in my local system .single step installation which takes pointbase as db and weblogic server to host portal components

    11. ferry says:

      hello Atul,
      regarding the SSO for ALUI using OAM… after user authentication and authorization i m redirected to ALUI login page. I have given /portal/SSOServlet in the success redirection url for AuthZn in OAM. is there anything that i m missing.

    12. Barry says:

      Hi Atul, we are running AquaLogic 6.1 MP1, and we were wondering if you knew when WebCenter Interaction 11g (.NET version) is due to be released. Also do you know if Studio Portlets will be supported?

      regards Barry

    13. Atul Kumar says:

      @ Barry, Check with peter moskovit (development manager for WC @ Oracle) his blog here http://pmoskovi.wordpress.com/

    14. itskuram says:


      whats the latest version of these products, their name changed again ?
      Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter Interaction 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter Collaboration 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter Analytics 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter Ensemble 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter Interaction Development Kit 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter WSRP Consumer 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter JSR-168 Container 10.3.0
      Oracle WebCenter Interaction Identity Service for LDAP 10.3.0

      This site has some guide notes for newer products ?

      thank you

    15. Vee says:

      Anyone move from Publisher 6.5 to UCM?
      How to export the data?

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