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  • Client System Analyzer for Oracle E-Business Suit

    Posted by "" in "11i" on 2008-11-05

    In my last post i did not cover about this tool(CSA) , i found this tool is very interseting and trying to share some of the points.

     Performance issues and other problems can arise if your computer is not optimally configured. To enable the diagnosis (and prevention) of such problems, the Client System Analyzer allows you to collect client configuration data about the hardware and software of your computer. The Client System Analyzer collects client configuration data and writes it to the Web server, where it is made available to both Oracle Applications Manager and Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control. From either UI, you can study the data to determine if modifications to your computer’s configuration are necessary.

    This tool is avilable with Oracle Applications Release 11.5.10, or OAM.H Rollup Patch 1  

    It is available with all users who is having access to the diagnostics help menu ,which is again controlled by profile option Hide Diagnostic Menu Entry. This menu can be attached with custom menu.

    Locating the Client System Analyzer:-

    From Forms-based applications, navigate to Help > Diagnostics Menu > Client System Analyzer                                

    Deploying the Applet

    The Client System Analyzer runs on demand when you launch it. However, before data can be collected, you may be prompted to do the following:

    • Accept the Client System Analyzer applet.
    • Download and install a compatible Java Virtual Machine.

    Please see the below screenshots :-

    The below screenshot is for output

    Viewing Data Collected by the Client System Analyzer

    The Client System Analyzer collects information about a your computer’s configuration, such as:

    • Hard drive size
    • CPU speed
    • Memory
    • Installed software

    It also performs some network performance measurements.

    Every time you run the Client System Analyzer, the results are saved for future reference. You can work with the data through Oracle Applications Manager; go to Site Map > Diagnostics and Repair (tab) > Client Configurations. In addition, you can work with the data through Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control.

    2 Responses to “Client System Analyzer for Oracle E-Business Suit”

    1. meet thakkar says:

      very .. very descriptive… I can relaay start working after reading this

    2. rmorrison@ugi.com says:

      I launched the client system analyzer in one of our test instances. Once you launch the client system analyzer, the forms change from green tone to brown tone. How do you turn off the client system analyzer so the forms return to the green tone color?

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