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  • Error while running SSO registration on 11i : txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg

    Posted by "" in "11i, integration, troubleshooting" on 2008-10-11

    While integrating Oracle E-Business Suite (Apps/11i) with Oracle Single Sign-On server (SSO) on one of test Instances, I received error like “Errors encountered running -txkSetSSOReg.pl“.

    Looking at error message carefully (check below), It was easy to figure out that value of Profile OptionApplication framework Agent” was wrong.

    Error Message on Screen

    applmgr@midtier>txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg -registersso=Yes
    *** Log File = /oracle/apps/11i/viscomn/rgf/vis_midtier/sso/txkSetSSOReg_Fri_Sep_12_14_12_48_2008.log
    Program : /oracle/apps/11i/visappl/fnd/11.5.0/patch/115/bin/txkSetSSOReg.pl started @ Fri Sep 12 14:12:48 2008
    *** Log File = /oracle/apps/11i/viscomn/rgf/vis_midtier/sso/txkSetSSOReg_Fri_Sep_12_14_12_48_2008.log
    Beginning input parameter validation for SSO registration.
    Errors encountered running /oracle/apps/11i/visappl/fnd/11.5.0/patch/115/bin/txkSetSSOReg.pl
    *******FATAL ERROR*******
    PROGRAM : /oracle/apps/11i/visappl/fnd/11.5.0/patch/115/bin/txkSetSSOReg.pl(/oracle/apps/11i/visappl/fnd/11.5.0/bin/txkrun.pl)
    TIME    : Fri Sep 12 14:12:48 2008
    FUNCTION: TXK::advconfig::SSO::validateAppsFrameWorkAgent [ Level 1 ]
    ERRORMSG: Validation for http://midtier.com:8000/oa_servlets//oa_servlets & midtier.com:8000/oa_servlets//oa_servlets failed.

    Next step was to find at what level (Site, Server, Responsibility, User) and level value (ServerName, UserName, Responsibility Name) profile option “Application framework Agent” using profile option value like http://midtier.com:8000/oa_servlets//oa_servlets

    Note* Profile Option’s Hierarchy Type can be set to level Security, Server, Server-Responsibility or Organization.

    I used below script to check at what Level (Responsibility or User) and Level Value (which Server, User or Responsibility)

    FROM fnd_profile_option_values a, fnd_profile_options b
    WHERE a.profile_option_id = b.profile_option_id
    AND upper(profile_option_value) like upper(‘%OA_SERV%//%’);


    “Application Framework Agent” value was set wrong for only one user.


    Why I was convinced that it was down to Profile Option “Application Framework Agent”

    1. Looking at error log above “FUNCTION: TXK::advconfig::SSO::validateAppsFrameWorkAgent” initial indication was that Error occured while Validating Framework Agent.

    To know role of Application Framework Agent in 11i/R12-SSO registration Click Here

    2. Next check was to confirm from Registration Script

    txkrun.pl calls txkSetSSOReg.pl which in turn calls perl module $AU_TOP/perl/TXK/advconfig/SSO.pm . In this Perl module there is function to get all unique APPS_FRAMEWORK_AGENT by running query



    If you are hitting any issues while registration or de-registration of 11i/R12 with Oracle Single Sign-On Server, post them as comment or raise it in Forum http://teachMeOarcle.com/forum dedicated to Apps DBA’s

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    One Response to “Error while running SSO registration on 11i : txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg”

    1. Hi
      Do you know what is the file to storage the values for create ssosdk user, I need change default temporary tablespace before execute txkrun.pl -script=SetSSOReg -registersso=Yes command

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