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  • User Management in OBIEE using BI Administration Tool

    Posted by "" in "business intelligence" on 2008-09-02

    This post covers managing users in Oracle Business Intelligence Server (OBIEE) using Security Manager in BI Administration Tool

    Security Manager – is used to setup users, groups, synchronize LDAP users and  Groups, set access rights for Objects (tables, columns) and to control over when and what data a user can access.
                           User Accounts can be defined explicitly in Oracle BI repository or External Source (Database Table  or LDAP Server)

    To open Security Manager in BI Administration Tool

    i) Click Administrator from Start Menu in windows or

    ii) AdminTool.exe from $ORACLE_BI_HOME\server\Bin 

    iii) Once you are in BI Administration Tool, open repository in offline/online mode as shown in screenshot

    in above example I am opening repository $ORACLE_BI_HOME\server\Repository\samplesales.rpd

    Default BI repository location is $ORACLE_BI_HOME\server\Repository and these are stored in proprietary RPD format.

    iv) Login to repository with Administrator account (or user with Admin privileges). Default password for Administrator account in BI is Administrator

    v) once you open repository (offline/online) using BI administration tool, you will see screen like below

    vi) Now open Security Manager using Manage -> Security from BI Administration toolbar

    vii) To create new user click on Action -> New -> User

    viii) Fill in necessary details and click in OK


    Things you must know with User Management in OBIEE

    i) User Accounts can be defined explicitly in
    a) Oracle BI repository  or
    b) External Database Table  or
    c) LDAP Server (OID, iPlanet, Open LDAP, Novell eDirectory)

    ii)Users defined explicitly in a repository can access business model in that repository only. They cannot login or access business model in other repository (user test1 above in samplesales respository can access only samplesales and not paint or any other repository stored in BI Server)

    iii) Oracle BI Administrator account (Administrator) is default user when you create a Repository and cannot be deleted.

    Integration of OBIEE with OID and Single Sign-On coming soon …….

    18 Responses to “User Management in OBIEE using BI Administration Tool”

    1. Paul says:

      This article is very useful. I could install & setup users very quickly with your articles on OBIEE articles.

      Thanks a lot !

    2. kala says:



      Could you tell me how to configure the BI Publisher in OBIEE

      Many thanks.


    3. Atul Kumar says:

      Check chapter 11 of guide BI Infrastructure & Installation Guide at


    4. jsethi3 says:

      Is it possible to integrate OBIEE with Oracle Web Center? Any documentation?

    5. Ramana says:

      Thanks Atul for the info.
      In the downloads section in Oracle website I could not find clent software for OBIEE.
      Do we need to install entire suite to access BI administration tool??

      Could you please send me link to download obiee client software?

      Many Thanks,

    6. Atul Kumar says:

      Use same software (server one) to install client but during installation select client tool only

    7. Veena says:

      My administrator account has got locked. Can anyone please tell me how to unlock it..

    8. amoyeed says:

      Hi Atul,

      I was going through the BI Publisher Tutorial on OTN. At one place the tutorial mentions to Right Click the Chart to edit it as follows:

      “If you have time, perform the following steps to edit the chart in the template file to change the graph style, and publish it as Template3:
      Right-click the chart in the template and select BI Publisher Chart to edit the chart:”

      But when I Right-Click the Chart, I do not get the BI Publisher Chart option in the menu. I am using OBIEE

      Please, send your expert comment and suggestion as to “How to Edit the Chart in BI Publisher″. I can Insert a new Chart but can’t Edit the Existing Chart.

      Abdul Moyeed

    9. Dilip says:

      Pls update with BI as i have to implement in the new upcoming project

    10. Guru says:

      Is there a way to create a Admin user in RPD that has restrictions on certain connection pools and catalogs etc..

    11. venkat says:

      Any one have idea about how to establish SSO for obiee from peoplesoft portal , sothat obiee can access through portal with out re etering the obiee credentials.


    12. vikasarora says:

      Dear Atul,

      Could you please post the steps for “Integration of OBIEE with OID and Single Sign-On”

      Vikas Arora

    13. Seema says:

      Hi Atul
      Useful blog, especially for a beginner!
      I realised that the groups such as XMLP_ADMIN etc need to be first created in the Admin tool before the admin page can be accessed on BI Publisher. This is definitely the case when we are creating a new repository. Is this a problem with the installation or a bug??

      Am working on


    14. morton says:


      I’ve tried to create users also on Admin Tool, but I didn’t see those “Group Membership” when creating it. I don’t have those XMLP_ADMIN, etc. I still continued creating the user without those. Are the users created here, the one’s you need to use on logging in Presentation Services (Answers,etc) ?
      I’m stuck on this part, I got confuse on the different purpose of having user for Publisher, Presentation Services and then Admin Tool. Could you explain what’s the relationship of those?


    15. oracle12018@gmail.com says:

      How can i used this obiee in r12 (mean which responseablity is used for dashhborad and rpd file)

    16. saurabh says:

      Hi Atul,

      I am new for OBIEE, basically i come from the oracle Apps background and in my project we implement the BI Dashboard.

      Here i have one question like if we create one user can we have any functionality that that particulat user can reset there password itself.


    17. Capitalist says:

      Good day!

      In BI Publisher 10.1.4…

      I am trying to retrieve the “Currently logged-on” username,
      & then use that username in a SQL query in a BI Publisher report.


      Your assistance is highly appreciated.


      AIX –>5.3
      OID –>10.1.4
      ORACLE DB –>11g

      Authentication is through Oracle SSO, not OAM.

    18. I like the helpful info you provide in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and check again here regularly.
      I am quite sure I will learn many new stuff right
      here! Good luck for the next!

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