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  • Oracle Content Server (UCM) installation overview

    Posted by "" in "UCM" on 2008-05-09

    Oracle Content Server provide Repository and Core Services required for Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM, Content Management product from Stellent)

    This post covers key points for Content Server Installation and documentation related to Content Server and UCM

    Installation Requirement

    Apart from operating system you need following software to install content server

    1) JVM 1.5 (This comes by default with content server or you can use JVM of your choice)
    2) Web Server – Sun Web Server (6.1 or Higher) or Apache (2.0.55 and Higher or 2.2.x) or IBM HTTP Server (2.0.42 or higher) or Oracle HTTP Server (1013 or higher built on Apache2)
    3) Database – MS SQL Server (2000, 2005) or Oracle Database (10g R1 & R2 or 9.2.X) or IBM DB2 (8.1, 8.2) or Sybase (ASE 15)  )

    Things to note

    1. Usually Web Server and content server are on same machine but they can be on different machine (for extra security)
    * Site Studio is not compatible in setup where Web Server and Content Server are on different server

    2. Identify where you wish to store Native file repository (Vault) and web-viewable file repository (Web Layout)  –  more on Vault & Web Layout coming soon ..

    3.You can configure database for Content Server during content server installation (automatically) or can configure later manually using scripts at  /UCM/ContentServer/database/<db_name>

    4. You can configure web server for Content Server during content server installation (automatically) or can configure later manually.

    5. Software for content server is in directory UCM/ContentServer/[operating_system]like for linux its in UCM/ContentServer/linux  (where UCM is directory created by unzipping Content Server Software)

    6. To start installation run ./setup.sh from above directory

    7.Security filter is used to restrict access to content server, only IP listed in security filter can access content server. Multiple IP’s can be added to Security Filter during installation and can be modified later.

    * Security Filter does not restrict access to Content Server via browser, it only restrict access for technologies like Report Parser, Content Integration Suite …..

    8. If Web Server and Content Server are on different machine then IP address of Machine hosting web server should be in Security Filter list

    9. If there are multiple content server then assign different URL prefix for each content Server.


  • Content Server Installation Guide on Windows
  • Content Server Installation Guide on Linux/Unix
  • Download Software from Here
  • UCM Library @ Oracle 
  • 30 Responses to “Oracle Content Server (UCM) installation overview”

    1. Paul says:

      Oracle Content Server Installation overview doc is very good and useful. Good job.

    2. kh says:

      Hi Atul,
      i follow the installation steps from the documentation. I am using oracle database and apache 2.29 version but i cannot access to the content server home page without specifying any port. Do you need to specify any port number when u access the Content Server home page?

    3. Atul says:

      You mean you have to specify port or wish to access it without specifying port


      You can’t access content server home page at all ?

    4. Luc says:

      Hi Atul,

      it´s possible to define a distributed architecture, putting in other JVM server (like a Websphere or Tomcat) the jsp and Java code for presentantion layer and the others developments?
      to separate the development and the repository.

    5. Shruti says:


      I would like to know where I can find a question bank on OCM for preparation for an interview.


    6. Shruti says:


      I meant UCM.. not OCM.. it was a typo.


    7. isaac adewumi says:

      Hi Sir,
      please can yu tell me what the problem is all about i can not access my homepage on my content server i don’t know what am doing wrong please kindly assist.


    8. Atul says:

      Which version of content server you are using ?
      Which web server is configured with Content Server ?
      What URL you are using ?

    9. […]  Print This Post After overview of Oracle Universal Content Management (UCM from Stellent) here, today’s post cover Installation of Oracle Content Server (Repository for UCM – Web Content […]

    10. gatox says:

      Can UCM publish a web site using sftp instead of ftp ?

      This is to be security compliant and encrypt traffic when going to our dev and production environments.

    11. Bips says:

      Hi Atul,

      I have installed the UCM using installation guide.Everything is working fine in Firefox. But in IE I am unable to work with “Administration Applets for idc” section as its not allowing to click on the operation.

      Please let me know how to rectify this problem.


    12. anonymous says:


      You need to enable Java in IE. Unless it says Microsoft(R) Java(TM) (C) you won’t get it enabled by default in IE.

      Make sure that there is a “Java” Tab under the advanced options in IE, then you know it’s installed. If it’s not, visit javasoft.com to get the Java Runtime installed and registered into IE.

      I guess the bigger question is: if it’s WORKING in Firefox, why BOTHER with Internet Excruciator?

    13. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      We are trying to externalize the authentication of UCM, which will be controled by OID.

      Could you please direct me to the guide for integration of OID and UCM?


    14. Atul Kumar says:

      @ Ashish,
      Which version of UCM you are using ?

    15. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      UCM and OID

    16. Ashish says:

      Thanks Atul.

      Will get back to you if face any problem with the integration.

    17. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      Thanks for the guide and we have successfully integrated OID with UCM.

      Now furthermore to control the access, we would like to integrate it with OAM also.

      Could you please help me with the integration guide for OAM with UCM?

    18. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      The requirement is to secure the access to the documents checked in UCM.

      With Secure group, we can secure documents but as per the requirement we may need to have SSO between BPM and UCM with the help of OAM.

      Could you please give your insight upon the track we should be following?

      It will be great if you could point us to some guides also for the same?

      Waiting for your reply. Please let me know if you need any more information/clarification.

    19. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      Could you please help me with integration guide for UCM & OAM integration?

      Waiting for your response.


    20. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      I want the Oracle Universal Content Management to be Protected by Oracle Access Manager. i.e( Security to UCM has to be done by OAM).

      UCM and OAM

      Could you please help me for the same with the integration guide?

    21. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      I want the Oracle Universal Content Management to be Protected by Oracle Access Manager. i.e( Security to UCM has to be done by OAM). Need to stop the security by UCM and need to apply security by OAM.

      UCM and OAM

      Could you please help me for the same with the integration guide?

    22. abhi says:

      Can i use OCFS2 for Vault & Web Layout

    23. mmansour says:

      As mentioned in GRC_Suite_Support_Matrix, GRC Manager is not supported on Oracle RAC database

      Is there a way to install GRC Manager with High Availability options?

      And what is the best topology to install (Oracle Database, Content Server, and GRC Manager) to fulfill the High Availability option?

    24. Ashish says:

      Hi Atul,

      We are suddenly facing an issue with check-in.

      When tried to check-in or delete uploaded document, through UCM Admin console, we are getting error as:

      Server Message:
      The server is unavailable. Unable to send request to Content Server.

      Whereas UCM Content Server & Admin Server are running.

      Could you please help us here?

    25. Ashish says:

      Few details:
      Web Server: OHS
      DB: Oracle 10g

    26. NA says:

      Hi Atul,
      How do i change the Content Server Instance Folder(cs) and Native file Repository Location (vault) and Weblayout folder (Weblayout) manually? ( without server configuration page which is appear in the very first time)

      Thank you in advance.

    27. NA says:

      Hi Atul,
      How do I change the paths to Content server Instance Folder(cs) and native File Repository Location (Vault) and WebLayout folder (WebLayout)manually? Because I have skipped that server configuration page which is appear in very first login :(

      Thank you in advance.

    28. vd says:

      Hi Atul,

      Nice articles on OCM btw. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

      I have a question on UCM, we are ucm 11g and integrated int J2ee app with RIDC. we are pulling links to images and placing on the webpage.

      The issue we are having in the image place we are getting a login page. Is there a way that images can be displayed on the page without asking for credentials.

      Thanks in advance.

    29. I want tO know the step 1 for installation of ucm 11g.

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