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  • Oblix COREid and Oracle Identity Management

    Posted by "" in "idm, oam" on 2007-03-20

    COREid was Identity Management solution from Oblix formerly known as Oblix Netpoint. Oblix was taken over by Oracle two years ago in march 2005

    Oblix COREid used to include
    –Web Single Sign-On ,
    –User Self Service and Self Registration,
    –User provisioning,
    Reporting & Auditing,
    –Policy Management,
    –Dynamic groups and
    –Delegated administration.

    Oblix COREid products were re-branded as Oracle-COREid and consist
    a) Oracle-COREid Access & Identity
    b) Oracle-COREid Federation
    c) Oracle-COREid Provisioning
    d) Oracle Web Service Manager

    What is Oracle’s latest Identity Management offering ?
    Oracle has released Oracle Identity Management version 10.1.4 and key components of Oracle IdM offerings are
    – Oracle Access Manager
    – Oracle Identity Manager
    – Oracle Identity Federation
    – Oracle Internet Directory
    – Oracle Virtual Directory
    – Oracle Web Service Manager and
    – Oracle Single Sign-On Suite

    (OID, SSO, Virtual Directory were part of earlier version of Oracle’s Identity Management solutions and few new components which I am going to cover in my coming posts)

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    13 Responses to “Oblix COREid and Oracle Identity Management”

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Atul,

      Is there any detailed document, web page which explains the integration steps for integrating 11i EBS , Peoplesoft, Siebel with Oblix CORE id for authentication and SSO. Can you please suggest me those docs. as I’m in a requirement to implement the above shortly.


    2. Atul Kumar says:

      Karthik, Yes there is documentation available.

      So with which oracle product you wish to configure COREid/Access Manager & in which location.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Hi Atul,

      We need to configure 11i E-business suite,peoplesoft and siebel with a single COREid/Access Manager for centralised user aunthentication and administration with SSO. I mean integrating all the 3 products(11i, Peoplesoft and Siebel) with a Single COREid. Could you please help me with the necessary documentation and step by step implementation procedures for the same.


    4. Rajiv says:


      Thank you for maintaining this site – I use it as a quick reference guide when I am in urgent need for high level information.

      I am trying to enable SSO for Custom WebApps – eBiz which will require 10gAS InfraTier (OID+SSO) + Oracle Access Manager (IdenitySystem + AccessSystem+WebPass/Gate etc.). I suspect I can leverage OID from 10gAS InfraTier for Oracle AM and will not need to create a separate OID / LDAP directory for OAM? Any thoughts on this?



    5. Atul Kumar says:

      Yes Rajiv, You can use OID as your oracle access manager (Oblix COREid) config and data store.

    6. Rajiv says:


      I misunderstood – OAM document clearly mentions that OAM can use OID as the data store.

      My Question was – do I need 2 separate OID stores, one for OAM and the other for 10g AS Infrastructure (OID/SSO) which will provide SSO for eBiz.

      I already know the answer – just wanted to get confirmation from another source …as Oracle notes / documents do not specifically address this.



    7. Atul Kumar says:

      Same OID can share OAM and 10g Infrastructure.


    8. Mihir Shah says:

      Hi Atul, We need to prepare POC in which we have to protect Websphere protal 5.1 and exchange server 2003 with Oblix We need to configure SSO amongst all the three products. Can you point out any useful links or docs? One more confusion is that whether oblix CORE-id and Oracle Access Manager are different products all to gether??? Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    9. Anonymous says:

      Hi Atul, We need to prepare POC in which we have to protect Websphere protal 5.1 and exchange server 2003 with Oblix We need to configure SSO amongst all the three products. Can you point out any useful links or docs? One more confusion is that whether oblix CORE-id and Oracle Access Manager are different products all to gether??? Your help will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


    10. vivek says:

      hi atul,
      I had a quick question, rt now we have installed OAM and we are pointing it to Sun one ldap user store. we are upgrading to Microsoft DSX.I want to remove Sun one and point it to DSX. will I lose all the policy if i point it to DSX, do u know the steps for it?

    11. Atul says:

      What is microsoft DSX (never heard of DSX)

      Are your OAM policies in sunone ldap server ? If you are pointing your OAM to different LDAP server then yes you will loose OAM policy. Migrate them to new LDAP server

    12. vivek says:

      It is AD or ADAM .yea, right now temporarily we were pointing to Sun one till end of this month and now we want to migrate it to another ldap AD and remove sun one from picture.I just don’t want to loose the data from sun one.Do u know the steps for migrating without losing data??I can give the architect diagram if u need to take a look at it?Can i use ldif or confifuration manager?Do u have any idea about those?

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