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  • Is Oracle Fusion really ConFUSION ?

    Posted by "" in "fusion" on 2007-02-14

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    If you ask question “What is Oracle Fusion ?” to yourself I suppose every one will have different opinion. I would like to hear from you all in your words ( via comments on this post ) about what you think is Oracle Fusion .

    Common confusion over Oracle Fusion
    Most Common confusion over Fusion among most of guys I discuss/meet & also mentioned by Steven Chan in his post is thinking Oracle Fusion Middleware & Oracle Fusion Applications are same. In actual Oracle Fusion Middleware will be used in providing/building Oracle Fusion Applications using Existing Oracle Applications (Oracle E-Business Suite, Siebel, Peoplesoft, JD Eward).

    Oracle Fusion Middleware is collection of Oracle Middleware products i.e.
    –Oracle Application Server (Portal, Wireless, Forms, Reports, discoverer, Webcache, OC4J)
    – Oracle Identity management (OID, SSO, Web Access Manager, CA, Identity Federation)
    –Oracle SOA Suite (Service Oriented Suite)
    –Oracle Collaboration Suite (RTC, Mail Server, Discussion, Content, Calendar)
    –Oracle DW & BI (BI Beans, OWB, OLAP, Express Server, OSA, OFA, Datamart )
    –Oracle development Tools (Designer, developer, SCM, forms, reports)
    – Oracle Data hubs

    Oracle Fusion Applications will be collection of Oracle Applications i.e.
    –Oracle E-Business Suite / CRM
    –Oracle Peoplesoft enterprise
    –Oracle Siebel CRM
    –Oracle JD Edward Enterprise

    These fusion applications will use Fusion Middleware mentioned above

    Few links which talk about Oracle Fusion Middleware & Fusion Applications are


    http://oracle.anilpassi.com/oracle-fusion-development-tools.html (Good one for developers & techno functional)


    http://www.oracle.com/applications/fusion.html (Good one for Oracle Fusion Applications Road Map)

    More on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA Suite) and Oracle Fusion coming soon…

    Leave your comments on what you think is Oracle Fusion ? Is this just another Jargon ?

    12 Responses to “Is Oracle Fusion really ConFUSION ?”

    1. Noons says:

      in other words:

      Oracle Fusion is the sum of already existing app development tools, re-badged and re-bunched so they look like a new product.

      Oracle Fusion Applications will be the current spread, re-developed using Fusion tools.

      The keyword of course is “will”.

      Or: nothing has changed. Therefore: no conFusion.
      Pun intended.

      It remains to be seen how well the j2ee-inspired development tools will cope with 8000 tables and 20000 indexes.

      I’d love to see how long it would take the j2ee bean container to start up.

      but roll-on the powerpoint!

    2. Anonymous says:

      Thanks Atul for the summary. It helped a lot..

      BTW, did Oracle announced any release date for Oracle Fusion Applicatios? You said its a combination of OracleApplication like psft, JDE, oracleApps. etc.

      Can you forward any link on release date and features plan for same? I have been trying to get these details.

    3. Anonymous says:

      Hi Atul,

      Thanks for the info. Did oracle announced any release date for OracleFusion Applications?
      IS there any documentation about release featues or anything like that..

      I heard that its going to release in 2008. Can you send some docs/lin to support that announcement made by oracle.

    4. Meera says:

      Thanks a lot atul..


    5. Shabbeer says:

      Thanks a lot Atul…


    6. kalyan says:

      Hi Atul,

      I am new in oracle apps dba.

      1)what is difference between oracle fusion middleware and oracle apps R12?

      2)what is the difference between oracle apps 11i(E business suite) and oracle apps R12?


    7. kkchopra says:

      In other words:

      Oracle Fusion Applications – New ERP product which is going to be ADF based and going to use all the best of the available features in the Oracle techstack….

      Oracle Fusion Middleware – Is mainly for Application integration purpose but also includes B2B, Security and Identity Management stuff also….

    8. Raj says:

      Hi Atul,

      I want to buy EBS:R12- OID/OAM Integration eBook. I would like to know whether its a softcopy or hardcopy. i stay in India and i have a paypal account, before i purchase i would like to know whether its is softcopy or hardcopy?


    9. Atul Kumar says:

      @ Raj,
      This is eBook with no plan for hard copy for another 3-4 months. This book contains screenshot of OID/OAM installation with integration of OID witf EBS and OAM 11g. This book also covers integration of OAM 11g with EBS R12 including webgate installation and EBS-AccessGate deployment.

      In end one chapter covers FAQ and another with common issues.

      There is formatting and minor addition (what happens behind the scenes) is pending (though who already bought this book will get updated copy as we update this free). based on reviews received so far from 1st September 2011 price will change to 14.99 and then 19.99 USD (from 18th Sep – this is when final copy will be released).

    10. Raj says:

      Thanks for the reply Atul,

      So if i purchase now and when there is any additions to the copy i purchased, can i get an updated copy later?

      one more doubt after payment how will i get the softcopy link?


    11. inamsaifi says:

      Hi Atul,

      We only uses forms and reports services of OAS 10.1.2 currently, should we consider to upgrade to Fusion middleware 11g to be alinged with new version of Developer tools?

      Best Regards,

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