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  • oraInventory in Oracle

    Posted by "" in "basics, database" on 2006-12-14

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    You all might be familiar with oraInventory & its importance so lets take a look at few common things about it like binary/xml inventory, What to do if Inventory is corrupted , What is global / Local Inventory and where to find documentation related to oraInventory .

    What is oraInventory ?
    oraInventory is repository (directory) which store/records oracle software products & their oracle_homes location on a machine. This Inventory now a days in XML format and called as XML Inventory where as in past it used to be in binary format & called as binary Inventory.
    There are basically two kind of Inventory Global Inventory (also called as Central Inventory) and Local Inventory also called as Oracle Home Inventory.

    Global Inventory ?
    Global Inventory holds information about Oracle Products on a Machine. These products can be various oracle components like database, oracle application server, collaboration suite, soa suite, forms & reports or discoverer server . This global Inventory location will be determined by file oraInst.loc in /etc (on Linux) or /var/opt/oracle (solaris). If you want to see list of oracle products on machine check for file inventory.xml under ContentsXML in oraInventory Please note if you have multiple global Inventory on machine check all oraInventory directories)

    You will see entry like
    HOME NAME=”ORA10g_HOME” LOC=”/u01/oracle/10.2.0/db” TYPE=”O” IDX=”1″/

    Local Inventory
    Inventory inside each Oracle Home is called as local Inventory or oracle_home Inventory. This Inventory holds information to that oracle_home only.

    Can I have multiple Global Inventory on a machine ?
    Quite common questions is that can you have multiple global Inventory and answer is YES you can have multiple global Inventory but if your upgrading or applying patch then change Inventory Pointer oraInst.loc to respective location. If you are following single global Inventory and if you wish to uninstall any software then remove it from Global Inventory as well.

    What to do if my Global Inventory is corrupted ?
    No need to worry if your global Inventory is corrupted, you can recreate global Inventory on machine using Universal Installer and attach already Installed oracle home by option

    ./runInstaller -silent -attachHome -invPtrLoc $location_to_oraInst.loc
    ORACLE_HOME=”Oracle_Home_Location” ORACLE_HOME_NAME=”Oracle_Home_Name”

    Do I need to worry about oraInventory during oracle Apps 11i cloning ?
    No, Rapid Clone will update both Global & Local Inventory with required information , you don’t have to worry about Inventory during Oracle Apps 11i cloning.

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    14 Responses to “oraInventory in Oracle”

    1. Anonymous says:

      thanks for the supprt Mr.ATUL can u give some information abt configuring standby database in the coming posts


    2. Anonymous says:

      Good Post,Simple and clear-cut explanation about oraInventory.


    3. Atul Kumar says:

      Thanks Sam,
      I often read your blog , they are quite interesting. Good to hear from you .


    4. aryan says:

      Hi Atul

      We are trying to attach a home to orainventory which was created jus by copying an oracle home. Can u plz help me with this….

    5. Atul Kumar says:

      Could you try ./runInsaller with option mentioned in pos & let me know if you face any issues .


    6. Anonymous says:


      I was trying to use runInstaller (10.2 version as 9i doesn’t have attachHome ability) to attach a home on Solaris.

      The session failed with the following:

      Starting Oracle Universal Installer…

      No pre-requisite checks found in oraparam.ini, no system pre-requisite checks will be executed.
      The inventory pointer is located at /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc
      The inventory is located at /opt/oracle/oraInventory
      ‘AttachHome’ failed.

      Wonder if you had such experience, i.e. attach 9208 home via runInstaller?


    7. Atul Kumar says:

      Hi Anonymous for any issues you can raise them at forum http://teachMeOracle.com/forum


    8. Ravi Prakash says:

      Nice to know more about Oracle Inventory, i faced few Inventory corruption issues, when installing OPATCH on a Multiple Oracle Database Version’s, its a test server with Oracle 8i(8.1.7),9i Home and as well Oracle 10g as well…

      $opatch lsinventory
      Invoking OPatch

      Oracle interim Patch Installer version
      Copyright (c) 2005, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved..

      Oracle Home : /u001/app/oracle/product/10.203
      Central Inventory : /u001/app/oracle/product/10./oraInventory
      from : /var/opt/oracle/oraInst.loc
      OPatch version :
      OUI version :
      OUI location : /u001/app/oracle/product/10.203/oui
      Log file location : /u001/app/oracle/product/10.203/cfgtoollogs/opatch/o patch2008-05-14_18-16-56PM.log

      List of Homes on this system:

      Home name= ******, Location= “/u001/app/oracle/product/10.DSPWEB”
      Inventory load failed… OPatch cannot load inventory for the given Oracle Home.
      Possible causes are:
      Oracle Home dir. path does not exist in Central Inventory
      Oracle Home is a symbolic link
      Oracle Home inventory is corrupted
      LsInventorySession failed: OracleHomeInventory::load() gets null oracleHomeInfo

      OPatch failed with error code 73

      …With Oracle Support could able to resolve this.

    9. rajesh says:

      hi atul,
      plz give me answers for these questions :

      I am applying OPatch I don’t have oraInventory ?can I apply?
      How many concurrent mangers can be used ?waht is the limit?
      suppose my concurrent manager status is showing Inactive ?what is the reason?
      If a patch is failed in the middle of the patch?I don’t want to apply the patch continue?
      what is transaction manager and product manager?what is the significance?
      My cloning is successfully completed but my appslistener is not getting up?what is the problem?
      hw frequently u do preform patching?
      how frequently u perform cloning?
      how much time it will take to complete cloning?
      what is the purpose of the appsutil folder in ORACLE_HOME?
      After cloning my oraInventory got corrupted ?can I apply my Opatch?
      wht command is used to kill the process which is using largest memory?
      I am applying patch can I open another session and run adadmin
      I am not able to start concurrent manager?what is the probelm?
      after registering the top in custom directory?u will run autoconfig r not?

      thank you

    10. […] Installation including registration of DB ORACLE_HOME in inventory. To know more about inventory click here Step 2 – 20-40% – Oracle Database creation including copy of data files from staging area to data […]

    11. […] installation issues are logged under oraInventory/logs/[filename].log (for more on oraInventory click here ) but how to identify oraInventory location on system […]

    12. vinodkumar says:

      Hi Sir & Madam,
      iam very thankful for u dat,
      iam getting good information about my subject..
      if any doubts will arise, i will send the comment..

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